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It's always interesting to catch snippets of conversation at work, in this case: "It's not as exciting as I thought it would be. Or maybe that's just your butt."
We got our Christmas bonuses today at work. I’d been subtly freaking out about what the holidays were going to do to my finances so this is a load off my mind.
Unfortunately this doesn’t change the fact that I still have to go shopping. I have currently purchased a grand total of zero Christmas presents for my family and friends. Nada. I am the queen of procrastination. To top it all off Ron’s birthday is in exactly one week and I have no clue what to get him. I have, hovever, already played Secret Santa. Why is it so much easier to buy things for people you don’t even know? Oh, that’s right... because they had an Amazon wish list. As opposed to my parents who say the same thing every year: “Oh, hon, you don’t have to get us anything for Christmas. You know us... if there’s something we want we’ll just go out and buy it We don’t want for anything.”
Which means mom will be getting a Precious Moments figure and Dad will be getting sweaters.
I’ve been considering it for the better part of a year, and due to the Christmas bonus I’ve decided to invest in a PDA at the start of the new year. Considering I do everything electronically (and can’t even remember a five-item grocery list for longer than three minutes) it’s beginning to seem like more of a necessity. Do any of you guys own one? Do you like it? Any recommendations on which brand or model?
I’m never surprised that people will try to sell anything. What surprises me is that people will actually buy it.

aliases: Tangent, Fatal-Error
birthday: 08.24.73
height: 5'8"
weight: 145#
hair: red
eyes: blue
occupation: advertising
religion: militant agnostic
political affilliation: none
last known residence: Florida

virtual fortune cookie
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If you've ever watched one of your friends moon over the hero while thinking to yourself, What the hell is she all gaga for?...
If you've not only wondered why the bad guys are always such bad shots but actually been perturbed when they miss...

...this clique was made for you.

The rules are simple and few:
1. You have to understand the spirit of this clique.
2. You have to put one of the buttons on your site with a link back here. Or a text link. You know, whatever. I'm easy to please.
3. No passworded pages. What's the point in joining a clique if you don't want other people to find you?
That's it!

Just right-click and save any of these images — or all of them ;-] — to your computer. Use the following code to link back:
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If you don't see the guy you like (and the selection is pretty slim at the moment — just the ones that immediately popped to mind) let me know when you join and I'll make one up for you!

As soon as I get more photos from my friends, I'll add them to the list. I'll have to be sneaky, though, since I'm not telling them what the pictures are for. It's all in alphabetical order so nobody can get pissed at me.

favorite musicians
The Sisters of Mercy, *Peter Gabriel, *VNV Nation, *Depeche Mode
guilty pleasures
putt-putt golf, *Insane Clown Posse
favorite authors
Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, Gordon Korman, David Morrell
favorite movies
*Heathers, *The Fisher King, *The Crow, *Strange Days, *Clerks, *Tombstone, *The Matrix. I love movies like Con Air where stuff gets blown up. I hate movies like Saving Private Ryan where people get blown up.
favorite actors
Michael Wincott, Bruce Payne, Michael Douglas, Matt Frewer, John Malkovich
favorite tv shows
The Lone Gunmen, American Gothic, Max Headroom, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Simpsons. Almost every television show I've ever really liked has died a quick death. (Does anyone even remember *Profit?)
favorite foods
sushi (especially smoked salmon), chinese, indian, Bailey's Irish Cream flavored Häagen-Dazs
favorite colors
gunmetal, emerald green
predominant wardrobe colors
black, grey
favorite artists
Thomas Canty, Michael Parkes
favorites that just can't be explained
*Blue Man Group
favorite hangout

I was born at DeWitt Army Hospital just outside of Washington D.C. on August 24, 1973... which makes me a Virgo, if you keep track of such things.
There's no kind way to say it — I was a geeky child. There were no children my age in the development I grew up in, so I never developed the necessary social skills to deal with the cretins I would encounter in kindergarden. I was always brainy and gangly with glasses and buck teeth until fifth grade when I became brainy and gangly with glasses and braces. My school life was hell for nine years, and my social life was practically nonexistent. I was, needless to say, miserable most of the time.
Then I attended the *Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology for the intellectually superior but socially inept. Unlike most people I know, I actually enjoyed high school. We didn't have the same social structure as most schools, as we were all well aware that popularity at TJ was like virtue among whores. Somewhere in there I think I developed a personality.
After the requisite four years I graduated and — confident that I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how to go about doing it — enrolled in Florida State University with the intention of majoring in criminology and psychology to springboard me into a career as a criminal profiler or hostage negotiator. That's when I encountered a couple of problems.
Problem #1: It took me less than a semester to realize that FSU is not actually an institution of higher learning, but rather a life support system for a football team. I suspected as much when found that I would be sharing a biology class with 1200 of my closest friends.
Problem #2: I have a weak stomach.
Completely confused as to what to do at this point, I decided to try joining the workforce. This period that sucked away three years of my life included three secretarial jobs and an agonizing stint as a receptionist at a tanning salon.
Frustrated, I decided I had to go back to school. Coincidentally, the same week I decided this a brochure arrived in the mail from a private college that offered several specialized degrees. On a whim, I decided on computer graphics. I think it turned out to be a good choice.
Currently I'm working as a graphic designer for an advertising agency creating print ads, multimedia cds, and websites like this one. I recently split with my significant other of eight years and am completely confused about what to do with my life.

本日、約束手形を集金したのですが、支払期日前に至急換金、現金化できますか?当日、約束手形の現金化をおこなっている優良事業者様はございます。※注意 別途、振出人(為替手形の場合は引受人)の審査はどの優良事業者様でもございます。手形といっしょに集金した小切手を、至急換金 手形割引したいが、できるのでしょうか?(小切手現金化)小切手の現金化は、手形割引事業者ごとに可不可がございます。可能な事業者もおおいようです。優良手形割引事業者の紹介





デカイ、厚い、いわゆる、デカ厚ブームを作ったのは、ガガミラノじゃなくて、パネライなんですねぇ。いやぁ、知ってるって、そりゃMADE SWISSじゃなければ、時計じゃありませんから、ガガミラノはちょっとねぇ。正統派はパネライです。